Carnivalesque & Your Halloween Playlist: Week 2

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More songs in celebration of our need to uproot and overturn social conventions every now and again by engaging in what Mikhail Bakhtin referred to as the Carnivalesque.

October 8

Scary Monsters, Super Creeps—David Bowie

I’m the Wolf Man—Round Robin


October 9

Ghosts Town—The Specials

Frankenstein Stomp—Count Lorry and the Biters


October 10

Every Day is Halloween—Ministry

I Want to Be Evil—Eartha Kitt


October 11

Werewolves of London—Warren Zevon. Also, this is one of the greatest songs of all time.

The Monster Swim—Bobby Pickett. This is his follow up to “Monster Mash,” but I have a better version of that song saved for later. This presentation was meant to be safe and cutesy in the early ’60s, but today, the dude registers as faintly terrifying. But, you know, watch your teeth, everyone.


October 12

Murder She Wrote—Chaka Demus and Pliers. For all my friends who came of age in the ’90s.

Una Madre Comió Asado (A Mother Roasted her Child)—Golijov with Dawn Upshaw. This seems like a sweet folk song. But then there’s this title…


October 13

I Put a Spell on You—Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Pet Semetary—Ramones. The first horror film I ever watched without my mom’s permission.


October 14

Ghost Opera, Act1: Act 1 – Bach, Monks and Shakespeare Meet in Water—Kronos Quartet& Wu Man, composed by Tan Dun. For those who like their chills esoteric and high brow. I tend to have eclectic tastes.

Maniac—Kid Cudi, ft. Cage and St. Vincent

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