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Which Scary Movie to Watch for Halloween? Use this guide as your handy mood ring to help you decide

Oh, you know, the standard: Fine, whatever, Nightmare on Elm Street it is Oh, okay, classic standard: The Exorcist Ugh, real life is scary enough: 13th HyperNormalisation Gimme Witches: The VVitch Gimme witches but maybe only kinda scary and don’t eat babies: Stardust I prefer a more positive portrayal of my witches: Bell, Book and

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Carnivalesque & Your Halloween Playlist: Week 3

What does a Russian literary critic and philosopher have to do with Halloween? Plenty, if you celebrate traditions of dressing up and believing in the power of costume. Mikhail Bakhtin believed people practice Carnivalesque traditions to release the pressure of living under repressive regimes (in displays of power and aggression that were Church-sanctioned, as long

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Carnivalesque & Your Halloween Playlist: Week 2

More songs in celebration of our need to uproot and overturn social conventions every now and again by engaging in what Mikhail Bakhtin referred to as the Carnivalesque. October 8 Scary Monsters, Super Creeps—David Bowie I’m the Wolf Man—Round Robin   October 9 Ghosts Town—The Specials Frankenstein Stomp—Count Lorry and the Biters   October 10

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